Why You Might Have Damp in Your Property in Summer

Damp is often forgotten in the warmer months, as it is always associated with the coldness of winter, but it doesn’t disappear in summer. While winter is the perfect season for damp, commercial and residential properties are still susceptible to the issue during warmer months.

This blog post will share information about why you might have dampness in the summer and what actions you can take to make sure it doesn’t become a serious issue. The longer you have damp in your building, the more damage it can do, which could be irreversible.

Air Out Damp

Many people see summer as an opportunity to air out their home and let a bit of fresh air into each room. Windows and doors will be open throughout the day, allowing hot air to make contact with the walls, making them sweat, resulting in water droplets appearing.

Potential Causes of Damp

Excessive moisture in your home is a key cause of dampness, as this can occur through day-to-day activities such as showering, drying clothes or washing up. Other causes of damp in summer include plumbing issues, building faults, inadequate ventilation or poor gutters.

Reducing Summer Damp

There are a few ways you can reduce summer condensation; for example, effective ventilation is a key place to start. Ensure you have proper ventilation in your home to reduce the likelihood of condensation.

Timing is important when it comes to reducing dampness in summer. For example, the contrast between the inside of your building and the outside can cause dampness. This is why we encourage you to air out your home in the morning when it is not as warm or in the evening when it starts to cool. Try not to air your house out when it is too warm outside, especially if your building is not properly insulated.

If you need to dry your clothing during the warmer weather, attempt to do this process outside if you can. This will reduce the moisture escaping into your home. Another key tip is investing in a dehumidifier that suits your home, as this can collect excess moisture in the air and reduce condensation.

How to Solve Your Summer Damp Issue

If your property is suffering from dampness, we can help. We can arrange a convenient time to visit your property, carry out a detailed assessment and then put together a comprehensive report, specific treatment and quotation. Simply contact us today, and we can get started.