Rising Damp

What is involved in a damp survey?

As one of the services offered by Cotswold Treatments, this blog post will explain what happens during a damp survey. It will explain the steps surveyors take to identify the issue including a general inspection to determine the current structure of the walls and whether damp prevention techniques have been used before.

If you want to know what happens during a damp survey, read on.

What is damp?

Damp is a term that is used to describe the presence of unwanted moisture or water within your home. Damp can occur very easily, that is why it is important to carry out a damp survey. Damp surveys are typically carried out when buying or selling a home.

External observations

Typically, a damp survey will start with the damp surveyor inspecting the outside of your property. At this juncture, the construction details will be established as well as the lay of the land, for example, the structure of the land.


Whilst outside, the drainage will be inspected. A damp surveyor will check for cracks, blocked piping or potential risks from plants growing near the drainage.


The damp surveyor will then move inside to inspect the interior of the property. At this point, your damp surveyor will look for obvious signs of damp, such as noticeable marks, peeling wallpaper or paint.
Walls, skirting, plaster and timbers will also be taking into consideration at this point.

In some cases, professional damp surveyors will use a moisture meter to check your walls for hidden signs of damp that cannot be seen through obvious signs of damage.


Damp surveyors will also enquire about the properties history, for example, any previous signs of damp as well as establishing how old the property is. All these details will help establish the damp report they will construct about the property.

How long does it take?

A damp surveyor should inspect the exterior and interior of the property properly, and this cannot be done with a simple walk around. They should be connecting external damage to possible places of hidden damp on the inside of your property.

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