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What are cold-curing synthetic resins?

Used during wood-boring repair, this blog post will explain what cold-curing synthetic resins are and how they are effectively used for damp protection. This post will also show the experience Cotswold Treatments has, and we will provide additional information to help you make up your mind about each solution.

What are Synthetic Resins?

Synthetic resins are typically industrially produced and are classed as viscous substances, which convert into rigid polymers; this process is known as curing. Synthetic resins are typically used when coating materials to protect surfaces.

In terms of the compound, synthetic resin is primarily composed of atoms such as hydrogen, carbon, and a small amount of nitrogen and oxygen, along with other elements.

Benefits of cold curing

The process of cold-curing involves converting an adhesive, such as synthetic resins, from a liquid to a solid. The advantage of this process is that your adhesive will have an increased strength; it will also be durable and rigid. The main benefit we find is that the adhesive will now be resistant to temperature, humidity, and several other chemicals.

Damp protection

Synthetic resins have a high level of durability, which therefore means it can be used for several projects. For example, this resin can be used in the manufacturing of buildings and signs. As mentioned, cold-curing synthetic resin means that it will be resistant to temperature change and humidity, the benefit of this is that it can reduce the chances of damp. If you prepare and set barriers up to prevent damp, it is easier to manage than eradicating damp.


You could potentially affect the durability of the synthetic resin if it experiences longer curing time, which is why it is essential to seek professional advice and assistance during this process. Other hazards of this process include irritating eyes and skin irritation, which, again, is why it is crucial to seek professional help as they are trained in this process.

We can help

We bring our specialist expertise to you, and we can help all issues caused by condensation, rot, damp, and wood-boring pests. We are committed to providing an effective and affordable service for all project sizes and types. Contact us today to talk about your building requirements or to discuss any concepts that have mentioned in this blog post.