5 Ways To Spot External Damp On A Property

External damp might not be as obvious as internal damp. There isn’t any wallpaper to check; however, there are some ways to spot external damp on your property. This blog post will help you identify external damp on your property, in five different ways. We will also discuss what your next step should be when you spot any external damp.

  • 1. Damage To The Render

Render is the material that is applied to the exterior walls of your home. Render contains a high percentage of cement, and is added to your home as it provides waterproofing. Another benefit of render is that it makes the exterior of your home look better.

When the render of your home starts to chip, fall off or crack, it might be a sign that your home has damp. When dealing with render, you have to find the cause of the damp before fixing the render.

  • 2. Damage To The Walls

Penetrating damp can cause damage to the exterior of your walls as well, which is why you need to look out for cracks, broken or loose bricks, or damage in general. Make sure you check other external damage which includes damaged downpipes, or broken gutters.

  • 3. Mortar

If your mortar is crumbling, damp or completely wet, it is a sign of damp and needs to be replaced. Similarly to render, you need to find the cause of damp before replacing the mortar.

  • 4. Damages

While not as apparent as damp patches on the internal walls, an external characteristic also includes damp patches forming. Make sure you note down any damp patches on the brickwork, as this is a sign that you might have damp. Descending damp might also present a problem if you have roofline problems. Roofline problems include damaged or missing tiles, faulty flashings or faulty rainwater goods. Make sure you check each one.

  • 5. Out of Plumb

When something is out of plumb, it means that it is not vertical, and is a great way to identify damp. We advise that you work with a professional when dealing with an out of plumb wall.

How Cotswold Treatments Can Help

We offer a wide array of proven solutions to prevent, control and eradicate damp, in some cases. If you need help with your damp, our team of experts are on hand to help. Simply contact a member of the Cotswold Treatments team today.