Is my property suffering from infestation by wood boring insects?

Wood boring insects are, in the main, adult insects which lay their eggs into any cracks or crevices in timber, these eggs hatch, and the larvae develop and grow in the timber as the timber itself is the larvae’s food source, once the larvae mature into adults they emerge from the wood, below are some of the signs you may experience if your property is suffering from wood boring insects.

  • Finding the husks of the beetles themselves
  • Emergence holes found on the timber in your property
  • Frass (the waste product of the beetle, it may look like sawdust)
  • In some cases people hear a slight noise coming from the timber itself (this is the tell-tale sign of The Death Watch Beetle)

If you have noticed any of the above occurring in your property, get in touch with us and we will:

  • Arrange a convenient time to visit your property
  • Carry out a detailed assessment to your specific requirements.
  • Identify the type of timber problem being experienced
  • Identify the cause
  • Put together a comprehensive report, specification for treatment and quotation.

The remedial and preservative treatment of timbers within homes, buildings and structures –insitu- is an important factor in the preservation of a property.

We are specialists in the field, having wide experience in dealing with the problems of wood borers i.e. The Death Watch Beetle and The Common Furniture Beetle along with many other wood boring insects.

In the main, treatment is applied in the form of fluids, which are applied under pressure, however, other products such as gels, pastes, emulsions and smokes are also used depending on the situation, smoke applied treatments are generally only used in vast spaces such a churches or where access is limited.