Here at Cotswold Treatments, we understand the specialist process that goes into restoring historic and valuable timber and plasterwork. In areas of high historical value and architectural beauty, we want to ensure every inch of work completed is complimentary and suited to the surrounding environment. That’s why we use a selection of specialist treatments to eliminate the risk of loss or damage during your project.

Insitimb® and Insiplas®

Both Insitimb® and Insiplas® are unique trademark services which incorporate the use of cold curing synthetic resins and inorganic fillers during a restoration. Originally developed in the 1950’s, both of these treatments take away the need to remove or loose valuable details in your restoration project. They allow your historical building to be restored in situ and back to a purposeful strength, maintaining a rooms usability and beauty.

Preservation and restoration techniques such as these services have been used over the years on some of our most iconic buildings here in the UK. Some of the most notable include Westminster Abbey and The SS Great Britain.

Our Cotswold Treatment Services

With over twenty years of experience in our trade, Cotswold Treatments offer a fully comprehensive service to each of our customers.

We deliver services such as:




•Building Improvement

Our aim is to bring our specialist expertise to every single project, working with commonly found issues such as decay, condensation and rot. Our team are committed to providing you with the best customer service and the highest-quality service every time. We focus on the individual character of a property and suggest the most appropriate solutions to suit.

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Contact us today for more information about our specialist treatment service for historic buildings and valuable timer or plasterwork. We are happy to:

• Arrange a mutually convenient date and time to visit the property.

• Assess the area(s) and discuss exactly what is required with you.

• Provide a full written report, with a detailed specification and quotation offered free of charge.