Managing Condensation – Our top three tips

This blog post will provide you with three tips to help minimise and manage condensation in your home. The aim here is to help you prevent the need for additional damp treatment in the future. The tips will include ensuring appropriate ventilation, wiping away moisture regularly and closing the doors to moisture-rich rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Condensation and moisture build-up can cause a number of problems for your home as well as your house.


It would be best if you made sure that moisture can leave your home, which can be done by opening windows or using an extractor fan when cooking or when you are showering. By using an extractor fan while cooking, you will reduce the amount of steam that forms in your kitchen.

Drying clothes outside would also be ideal as moisture can build-up from damp garments; however, if this is not possible, we advise making sure the room is adequately ventilated to allow moisture to escape.

If you do not have an adequate amount of ventilation, we advise adding more ventilation into your home, this to include an extractor fan or an external vent.

Moisture build-up

You can also reduce moisture build-up by doing simple things day-to-day to reduce build-up, for example, keeping pan lids on and opting to dry clothes outside, if possible. Wiping away moisture regularly will also help reduce condensation.

A dehumidifier might also improve your ventilation issue as it can remove moisture from the air.

Closing the doors

When cooking or in the shower, make sure that the door is closed. By closing the door, you are reducing the amount of steam that escapes into the rest of your home. When you close the door, however, make sure the steam has somewhere to escape, for example, through a window or ventilation system.


While the first three tips are the main ways in which you can reduce condensation in your home, that doesn’t mean they are the only ways. You can also:

  • Use a moisture eliminator
  • Invest in kitchen and bathroom fans
  • Open windows
  • Use a ceiling fan to improve air circulation

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