How to Prevent Condensation in Your Home

Condensation is a very common problem in many homes, and it can be such a nuisance. Windows can steam up due to condensation; wallpaper can peel and even lead to mould forming, which can cause a foul smell.

This blog post will share some key ways you can prevent condensation from forming in your home. We will also share some key tips on how to handle each method, so you have several detailed ways to avoid condensation build-up.


When it comes to drying clothes, try to avoid drying them in your home, as the moisture can escape into the air and make its way to your windows. Similarly, try not to dry clothes on your radiator, which increases the moisture in the air.

We are aware that it might not be possible to dry your clothes outside in some cases, which is why we encourage you to open your windows or invest in a dehumidifier.

Constant Temperature

When you keep your home at a consistent temperature, you will reduce the chance of condensation. When warm air comes into contact with a cold surface, it causes the air temperature to drop, which results in condensation forming.

Move Furniture

To reduce condensation and dampness, ensure you move the furniture away from the wall, increasing the airflow and ventilation.

Extractor Fans

While we understand that extractor fans in your home might be noisy, we do recommend switching them on when you shower or while you cook. Extractor fans can take moisture away, which reduces the amount of condensation that forms on your windows or walls. Whether you are boiling liquids on the hob, using steam iron or bathing, ensure that an extractor fan is on in your home.


If you have the means, we recommend investing in a dehumidifier that reduces your home’s humidity levels. A dehumidifier will reduce the likelihood of mould, mildew and dust mites, which will reduce condensation.

Trickle Vents

Many people are unaware of trickle vents, as some windows do not have them. Check your windows, as trickle vents are small openings, typically located at the top of the window. This small yet effective trickle vent improves the airflow in your home.


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