How to Diminish the Smell of Damp

No one likes to have damp in their home. Damp causes a musty odour in your home, which is extremely unpleasant. When damp is left untreated, it can cause respiratory problems and negatively affect those with allergies or asthma.

This blog post will share ways to diminish the smell of damp in your home while suggesting ways to help if you need damp treating.

Identify the Problem

It is redundant to tackle the smell of damp with room spray if you have not identified the source of the problem first. We offer an array of proven solutions to prevent, control and in some cases eradicate damp completely. Our team can help identify the source of damp, and we can carry out a detailed assessment of your specific requirements. After our initial assessment and identification of the type of damp you have, we can put together a report with the specific treatment and quotation.

Fixing the Issues

If the initial assessment identifies a structural problem, then that issue needs to be amended before any other tasks can be carried out. For example, decaying skirting boards, leaks, burst pipes or swollen joinery need to be fixed.

Cosmetic Improvements

If your damp problem stems from structural issues, once they are amended, you can fix the appearance, such as fixing skirting boards, repainting walls or putting up new wallpaper. These simple improvements will eliminate the smell of damp, especially when paired with the structural improvements.


You might find that the cause of your damp is not structural, however, but instead, the problem comes from damp clothing, towels, rugs or similar. To diminish the smell of damp, ensure that you wash these items and inspect the area they were stored for damp.

Diminishing the Smell of Damp

Dehumidifiers are great for reducing the likelihood of damp as it collects moisture from the air that would otherwise collect and cause damp. There are many affordable dehumidifiers on the market now, of different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is suitable for your home.

We also recommend washing your indoor bin out regularly and using air freshener spray within your home to help fight dampness. During warmer weather, we also advise opening windows to improve airflow, which will help reduce the chances of damp.

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If you are experiencing problems with damp, we are happy to help. You can contact us today to discuss your damp proofing requirements for a no-obligation quotation.