How Much Does It Cost to Damp-Proof a House in the UK?


Damp is a serious issue for the occupants of a home, as well as the structure of the building itself. In some instances, you may have moved into a home with damp. If you haven’t experienced damp, or know the issues it can bring, damp-proofing your house can be an extremely beneficial prevention tactic. But how much is it?

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘How much does it cost to damp-proof a house in the UK?’

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Is Damp the Same as Mould?

Usually, structural issues play a large part in damp forming. Common structural issues include…

  • Damaged roofing which allows rainwater to enter the house, this then can affect any timber that is constantly made wet by the rainwater.
  • Blocked gutters can contribute to damp issues in the home. As a result of the gutter being blocked by debris or foliage, it can allow puddles to form in and around the gutter depending on the shape of your roof. 
  • If left unattended these puddles can potentially seep into the house through any cracks etc.
  • Damages to the building itself can cause damp issues to formulate if the damages to the building have altered the brickwork and created openings for moisture to enter. 
  • Faulty piping that carries water.
  • Insufficient grouting or incorrect usage of water-providing appliances. 
  • If you do not live in a detached home, damp issues can also be brought about as a result of your neighbour’s home. 

How long does damp take to form, and what are the signs?

When it comes to damp forming, the time can range from a day to months. It depends on the weather, the area it is coming from, and how frequently the water is seeping in. That being said, there are a few signs you can look out for that can quickly indicate you are dealing with damp.

  • Unexplained wet patches on the walls or ceilings of the home.
  • A damp, musty smell becomes prevalent.
  • Mould has formed in an area where that isn’t usually at risk of it.
  • Any timber that is exposed or that you can see directly has become slightly swollen and wet to the touch.

How Much Does It Cost to Damp-Proof a House in the UK?

The cost of damp-proofing a house in the UK isn’t a simple singular price, there are a variety of factors that come into play that determine the price of the service. This includes…

  • The company providing the damp-proofing: Naturally, businesses will have their rates in addition to the individual factors that your building carries. So obtaining quotes or making enquiries is the best way to move forward before committing.
  • The Current Level of Mould and damp: If your home is already experiencing issues as a result of damp such as mould, implementing damp prevention methods may become pointless. However, this depends on the severity of the issue. For the best possible protection, ensure your home is free from severe effects of damp, such as mould before damp-proofing.
  • The size of the house: Understandably, the size of your home will affect the cost of damp-proofing measures, as more resources and time will be spent covering a larger area. 
  • The Method of damp-proofing you opt for: The method of damp-proofing you opt for can vary in price depending on the resources used, time spent and labour required. If you have more than one damp-proofing solution this will also increase the price. 

That being said, these are the average prices for damp-proofing methods in the UK.

Damp proofing costsCost + VAT (low to high)Average cost
Damp-proof course cost£250 to £2,000£850
Damp-proofing external walls cost£750 to £2,500£1,500
Damp proofing a cellar cost – tanking£30 to £60 per square metre£45 per square metre
Damp-proof course injection cost£1,000 to £5,000£3,500

Is damp-proofing a house worth the cost?

Absolutely. Damp-proofing your home is the best way to protect your home for years to come. When you consider the health issues that can arise from damp, one of which is mould, you become aware of the critical service that damp-proofing provides. 

Damp-proofing your home is an investment for the future, even if you are having a home built from scratch, damp-proofing methods can be implemented before the build is complete!

Is There More Than One Kind of Damp?

Yes, in terms of how it can manifest in your home, there is more than one way damp can occur. 

Rising damp

A common example of damp occurring in a home is rising damp, it gets its name for the fact that the damp can be seen rising from the lower part of buildings. This can be caused by leaking pipes that are located along the floor of the building and more.

Penetrating/laterally penetrating damp

Yet another common example of ways damp can occur. Penetrating and laterally penetrating damp occurs when moisture penetrates through the structure from the outside. This can be as a result of exposed areas being affected by weather, in addition to flooding or from blocked guttering.

Descending damp

Descending damp occurs as a result of issues caused by roof line problems, damaged roofing which can include broken or missing tiles and instances of water buildup due to blocked gutters.


Condensation can be caused by inadequate ventilation and heating due to either poor ventilation practices and/or defective systems such as extractor fans. Condensation occurs when humid air settles on a cold surface and forms water droplets. 

An open window in addition to using an extractor fan is a simple and effective way to prevent condensation in bathrooms and kitchens.

In bathrooms it can occur due to not ventilating the room when having a hot shower. In kitchens it can occur as a result of cooking for long periods without using a cooker hood, extractor fan, or opening a window. 

Condensation in the home is not only limited to kitchens and bathrooms, it can affect others rooms too. When condensation is not addressed, it becomes a perfect environment for mould to form. Aside from health issues it can aggravate, mould has the potential to spread and cause further damage to your home and health. 

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