Here at Cotswold Treatments we offer a wide range of proven solutions to prevent, control and in some cases eradicate damp.

Is my property suffering from damp?

Damp is a term used to describe the presence of unwanted moisture/water and even condensation within homes, structures and buildings, damp problems can occur very easily, sometimes it’s a problem that has been building for numerous years and in other cases its very rapid over a period of weeks. Damp ingress can also be caused due to higher external abutting structures and ground levels and faulty external surfaces. Damp can be detected in your property in many different ways:

  • Water marks/staining on walls
  • Salt formation on walls and decoration failure i.e. bubbling paint work
  • A musty smell
  • Decaying skirting boards
  • Swollen joinery
  • Movement in suspended floors
  • Water seeping into basements

If your property is suffering from any of the above conditions do not worry, contact us here at Cotswold Treatments where we will;

  • Arrange a convenient time to visit your property
  • Carry out a detailed assessment to your specific requirements
  • Identify the type of damp being experienced
  • Identify the cause
  • Put together a comprehensive report, specification for treatment and quotation.

Damp ingress in its various forms i.e. rising, lateral, penetrating, descending and by no means least condensation is responsible for extensive property deterioration and apart from structural and superficial deterioration is one of the basic reasons for timber decay.

We offer various techniques to control and in some cases eradicate damp ingress, we have vast skill knowledge, and ability in dealing with all aspects of damp, we also appreciate the need to keep pace with the times and use the most modern innovations to provide and carry out the best remedial procedures both internally and externally.


Tanking is a cement based coating, the product is cement based incorporating quality graded aggregates, chemical modifiers and acrylic polymers, using this product gives improved strength, bonding and abrasion resistance. Once the product has fully dried it becomes vapour permeable and water tight.

Tanking is the ideal product for below ground water proofing, but is also commonly used where residual moisture is high, tanking can be applied both internally and externally and on most substrates i.e. brick, block and stone.

Tanking is available in grey and white.

Traditional Damp Proof Course (DPC)

A traditional DPC is a chemical damp proof course which is used in walls above ground floor level there are many different systems on the market today, these types of product are used to control the effects of rising damp, where existing damp proof courses are missing or have broken down.

These types of damp proofing methods are widely used in the industry and are low odour, non-flammable (when diluted), non-caustic and spread rapidly into the masonry.

Membrane systems

There are many different membrane systems on the market today, they are used for waterproofing floors and walls, the membrane itself is fixed to the wall/floor surface using plugs with a water tight seal, the membrane is tough yet durable, depending on the severity of water ingress will depend on the system most suitable for the property, where water ingress is particularly high the use of sump pumps and drainage channels may be required, membrane systems have a long shelf life and are generally guaranteed long period of time.

If you are suffering from Damp in Bristol, Weston, Gloucester and surrounding areas, then please contact us on Bristol : 01454 417199, Gloucester: 01453 511154.

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