Damp Proof Membranes – How Do They Work?

Does your property suffer from damp? Have you thought about installing damp proof membranes before serious damage is done to your building’s infrastructure?

This blog post will explain damp-proof membranes in homes and why they are so effective. We will provide you with a clear explanation and showcase what is expected to happen in your home during relevant repair work.

What Is a Damp Proof Membrane?

A damp proof membrane is a durable membrane material that helps prevent dampness from occurring through capillary action, where a liquid can flow in narrow spaces easily. Typically, a damp proof membrane is used beneath a concrete floor to stop the floor from obtaining moisture. Membrane systems are also used for waterproofing walls.

The Membrane System

The membrane material is fixed to the surface using plugs that have a watertight seal. The membrane itself is durable, strong and sturdy. Depending on the level of water, your property is susceptible too, will determine the specific system that will be implemented. For example, where water levels are high, the use of sump pumps and drainage channels might be suggested.

The Installation Process

Damp-proof membrane installation is an easy and flexible process, which is why many prefer this option. Before the installation process commences, a member of our team will identify the source of the damp problem. The damp proof membrane will be cut to size once the plaster is removed from the wall or when the surface is clear.

To ensure that our membrane material is secure, our team of expert technicians will drill the membrane into place, and the fixed plugs will be attached. The overall objective of this process is to ensure that moisture does not pass.

Left Untreated

If you let your damp problems fester, it can lead to serious infrastructural damage to your property, alongside undesirable features, such as mould growth, damp patches, rotting wood and peeling wallpaper. No one wants to live in a property like that.


Ensure that your property is safe and dry by investing in some waterproof and durable damp proof membrane. Don’t let the damp spread by taking action now by allowing our team at Damp Proofing Bristol to help improve the quality of your property.

If you are suffering from Damp in Bristol, Weston, Gloucester or the surrounding areas, we can help. Contact us today, and will we suggest the right procedure for your needs.