How to identify mould in your home

How to identify mould in your home
Mould is the last thing anybody wants to see in their home. For potential buyers, it can be the defining factor as to whether you choose a specific house or not. But, when you find it in the building you've spent years building into the place you love the most, it can be a worrying … Continued

Three reasons damp ingress can damage your health

Damp Proofing Bristol - Mould on a wall
Damp ingress or mould occurs when warm moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces. In many cases, it can cause structural or aesthetical damage to a building, as well as potentially affecting your health. Damp generally happens for a number of different reasons. These can include a build-up of excessive moisture, under or overheated … Continued

What are wall ties and how do they work?

Wall Ties
Sometimes known as ‘brick ties’, wall ties are an essential part of cavity wall building. They provide an additional support to ensure the entire structure is safe and stable. Although they are hidden from view once the wall has been completed, wall ties have become standard practice in the UK since the early 20th century. … Continued