Managing Condensation – Our top three tips


This blog post will provide you with three tips to help minimise and manage condensation in your home. The aim here is to help you prevent the need for additional damp treatment in the future. The tips will include ensuring appropriate ventilation, wiping away moisture regularly and closing the doors to moisture-rich rooms such as … Continued

What are cold-curing synthetic resins?

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Used during wood-boring repair, this blog post will explain what cold-curing synthetic resins are and how they are effectively used for damp protection. This post will also show the experience Cotswold Treatments has, and we will provide additional information to help you make up your mind about each solution. What are Synthetic Resins? Synthetic resins … Continued

What is involved in a damp survey?

Rising Damp

As one of the services offered by Cotswold Treatments, this blog post will explain what happens during a damp survey. It will explain the steps surveyors take to identify the issue including a general inspection to determine the current structure of the walls and whether damp prevention techniques have been used before. If you want … Continued

The 3 types of damp explained


We offer a wide range of proven solutions to prevent, control and in some cases eradicate damp, but did you know that there are different types of damp? This blog post will highlight three main types of damp, including condensation, rising damp and penetrating damp. We will also discuss how you can minimise the risk, … Continued

What is the difference between dry and wet rot?

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Whenever we find fungal rot decay in a property, one of the most commonly asked questions are ‘What is the difference between dry and wet rot?’. As 2 of the most commonly found forms of decay in residential properties, it is likely you will hear these names being tossed around. This blog will explain the … Continued

What are the main signs of wood borers?

Oh No - Wood Borers

As treatment experts for many years, the team here at Cotswold Treatments get numerous questions about different issues our customers are facing. One such example is that of wood borers. As a common problem experienced by many homeowners, we’ve decided to pull together a short blog post to what wood borers are and how you … Continued

How to identify mould in your home

How to identify mould in your home
Mould is the last thing anybody wants to see in their home. For potential buyers, it can be the defining factor as to whether you choose a specific house or not. But, when you find it in the building you've spent years building into the place you love the most, it can be a worrying … Continued