What to Do When Your Roof Leaks

When the rain starts to fall, it can be relaxing to listen to the sound of raindrops hitting your window; what isn’t relaxing, however, is raining dripping into your home. When your roof starts to leak, you might notice damp patches on your walls or ceiling, and this would lead to water leaking into your … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Plastering

Everything You Need to Know About Plastering

When it comes to your commercial or residential space, you want to ensure that it looks and feels secure, comfortable and welcoming. Plastering is one way to make your space more inviting as it helps provide a finishing surface, insulation and can protect your walls. This blog post will explain what plastering is, what its … Continued

How to Diminish the Smell of Damp

No one likes to have damp in their home. Damp causes a musty odour in your home, which is extremely unpleasant. When damp is left untreated, it can cause respiratory problems and negatively affect those with allergies or asthma. This blog post will share ways to diminish the smell of damp in your home while … Continued

Why You Might Have Damp in Your Property in Summer

Damp is often forgotten in the warmer months, as it is always associated with the coldness of winter, but it doesn’t disappear in summer. While winter is the perfect season for damp, commercial and residential properties are still susceptible to the issue during warmer months. This blog post will share information about why you might … Continued

How to Prevent Condensation in Your Home

Condensation is a very common problem in many homes, and it can be such a nuisance. Windows can steam up due to condensation; wallpaper can peel and even lead to mould forming, which can cause a foul smell. This blog post will share some key ways you can prevent condensation from forming in your home. … Continued

Damp Proof Membranes – How Do They Work?

Does your property suffer from damp? Have you thought about installing damp proof membranes before serious damage is done to your building’s infrastructure? This blog post will explain damp-proof membranes in homes and why they are so effective. We will provide you with a clear explanation and showcase what is expected to happen in your … Continued

The Lifecycle of a Woodworm

A key cause of structural damage in damp homes revolves around the woodworm. This post will look into the lifecycle of a woodworm, and provide advice on what to look for in your home to determine the age of your woodworm. When you know the age of the woodworm in your home, you can decipher … Continued

5 Ways To Spot External Damp On A Property

External damp might not be as obvious as internal damp. There isn’t any wallpaper to check; however, there are some ways to spot external damp on your property. This blog post will help you identify external damp on your property, in five different ways. We will also discuss what your next step should be when … Continued

How does damp cause structural damage?

Damp structural damage

Are you ignoring the damp in your home or building? When different types of damp are left untreated, it can cause severe damage to the structure of a building. This blog will explore the reasons why you should tackle damp issues early on to prevent expensive damage being caused. Specifically, we will discuss the impact … Continued